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Crick-ettes Sampler Gift Pack- Sour Cream and Onion, Bacon and Cheese, Salt and Vinegar-Pack of 3

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Cricket Bites Gift 5-Pack of Assorted Flavors (North American Crickets - Made in Portland, Oregon) by Cricket Flours

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Order in Bulk: One Pound of Cleaned BBQ Flavored Crickets (Barbecue)

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Edible Insects | BBQ Flavored Crickets

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Chapulines (grasshoppers) - Gourmet edible insects from Oaxaca Mexico (Plain recipe) Merci Mercado 2.4oz (70g)

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Roasted Crickets (1/2lb) Dried Crickets Raised in North America and Made in Portland, Oregon (Resealable Pack)

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Don Bugito Planet-Friendly Edible Insect Protein Snacks (Chili-Lime Crickets)

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Chirps Cricket Protein Chips, Gluten-Free, High Protein, 5 Oz (Pack of 3) (Variety)

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Meat Maniac BBQ Mixed Bugs | Edible Insects | Big Crickets, Sago Worms, Mole Crickets and Silkworms


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